How to Respond to the Top Questions Catholics Are Asked: “Do Catholics Worship Mary?” “Are Catholics ‘Born Again’?” & More!

How to Respond to the Top Questions Catholics Are Asked: “Do Catholics Worship Mary?” “Are Catholics ‘Born Again’?” & More!

It’s hard to be ready for it. 

You’re waiting to check out at the grocery store, thinking about what you’re going to have for lunch or what time the kids need to be picked up from soccer practice, and someone notices your Catholic t-shirt, your Miraculous Medal keychain, or your crucifix necklace.

All of the sudden:

“Excuse me, it looks like you’re Catholic. I was wondering...Do Catholics worship Mary?”

Although you know your faith, it can be more difficult than expected to pull yourself out of grocery mode and put yourself in theology mode. You frantically try to remember that book you read about Mary, or a bible verse you can share, and maybe mumble out a 10 second answer that may or may not have made sense even to you.

As you walk away, you think, “Man! I wish I had a better answer, or a sheet of catechesis points I could give them.”

If you’ve ever thought this way, you’re in luck!

There’s a wonderful pamphlet available that spells out 10 of the top questions Catholics are asked, and short, 1-2 minute answers you can give! Here are some of the questions, and excerpts from the answers:

Are you saved?

"Catholic can be as sure as anyone else that they are in God’s good graces. But this assurance has to be understood in light of John’s teachings:... ‘For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments’ (1 Jn 5:3). Likewise, St. Paul does not regard salvation as a one time event, but as a goal to be sought after...and one that can be lost.”

So YES, Catholics have “been saved”… but just like we can’t shower once or clean the house once and think we’re good to go for the rest of the year, our journey of faith is precisely that - a journey - that we have to keep saying yes to, every single day!

Do Catholics worship Mary?

“Catholics do not worship Mary. We venerate her because she is the mother of God the Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Veneration is completely different from the adoration of God...Mary was a key person in [God taking on flesh and becoming man], so this is why Catholics honor her so highly.”

Mary is THE model disciple of Jesus and daughter of God the Father because she conformed her will completely to God’s. She also intercedes for us before God just as she interceded to Jesus on behalf of the young couple at the Wedding in Cana in the gospel of John. All this and more leads us to aspire to imitate her faith and surrender and ask her to help us follow Christ in our lives.

Our Top Ten Questions Catholics Are Asked *update to PS link Pack of 50 pamphlets answers these questions and more, including:

Are Catholic beliefs found in the Bible?

Why do Catholics obey the pope?

Why do Catholics confess their sins to a priest?

This is a wonderful resource to make available to your parishioners, and will enable them to share their faith more effectively with all those they encounter!

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